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VH - Your reliable partner in hemp processing.

Welcome to a world where such human values as health, unity, happiness, success and longevity take a center stage.

Viteo Hemp is a Ukrainian agricultural company that alongside its partner Arnica Organic grows and processes hemp raw materials at our own fiber processing facility. Hemp fiber of various stages of processing is supplied to different enterprises in accordance with their technical requirements. Advanced farming techniques and use of modern technologies allow for maximized crop yields and quality control at every stage of production – from seed selection to product sales.

Our fiber can be used in various industries: composite, construction, pulp, textile, etc. Organic hemp seeds have traditionally been a mainstay of the food industry.

We strive to bring value to:

  • The people by revealing the valuable properties and methods of practical use of hemp.
  • The planet by using safe farming methods and growing environmentally friendly crop as a natural alternative to synthetic products.
  • Partners by ensuring mutually beneficial cooperation.
  • Customers by offering high quality products and the best service.

Due to its unique properties and versatile use, hemp is an excellent renewable raw material. Processing of this amazing ancient plant is becoming more and more important for the modern economy every year.

Used to make fiber for fabrics and rigging, lamp oil for lighting, paper, medicine and food, hemp was considered a key agricultural crop for global human populations as early as 10 century BCE.

The peoples who inhabited the territory of modern Ukraine were using various hemp products more than 4 thousand years ago. Finds from archaeological sites dating back to the Trypillia culture period indicate extensive use of hemp for weaving. Later on it gained major industrial significance, especially in 15th to 20th centuries.

Up until recently this industry in Ukraine had been experiencing a colossal downturn due to legal crackdown and low public awareness that the industrial hemp can be used to make more than 25,000 different products and goods.



High potential for cultivation

We have access to thousands of hectares of arable land in Ukraine, including more than 20,000 hectares owned by our partner Arnica Organic used to cultivate organic products.

Production facility

Hemp straw processing facility is based in the Poltava region and provides our clients and partners with fiber of various degree of finishing based on their technical requirements.

Expansion of production

We are ready to increase production capacity to meet the growing demand of our customers.

To all

We believe that the growing popularity of eco-friendly technologies and products will turn hemp fiber into one of the most important commodities in the global market. We invite new partners and customers to join us on this incredible journey!

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